Willamette Programming Contest


Each year every high school in the Oregon region is invited to send a small team of up to four students. Many teams are chosen as the best in the computer science class at their school. They are also accept teams of students who have studied on their own because their school does not offer computer science or programming classes. Contest problems have a very wide range of difficulty. They try to include at least two problems that even beginners could solve. They also include two or three that would be appropriate for advanced college students. Extra points reward solutions to the most difficult problems, as determined by the number of teams that solve that problem.

Contest Details

  • The contest is held at George Putnam Student Center at Willamette University
  • A set of 12-14 problems are distributed to the teams
  • The students write programs to solve as many of these problems as they can. They can divide tasks among themselves and work cooperatively.
  • Trophies are awarded to the top 3 teams and the best novice team(any team that is from a school that is entering for the first time)


The Tualatin Robotics Programming Team has won the Rookie Award!