ogpc-2013-competition-picOGPC, Oregon Game Project Challenge, asks students to develop a video game based on a theme. Every year we form teams to brainstorm the ideas that could connect to the theme. Our members are usually recruited through our Game Design classes, which teach the students how to make a video game in the first place. Our returning members help provide some of the insight for what it’s like. At the main event, all teams are asked a variety of questions relating to the theme of the game itself. Members will have to know quite a lot about the theme, and have a good pitch when talking to the mentors. The divisions for the competition are split up between Middle School and High School.



This year’s theme is “Hidden Worlds”. Our team is getting ready and preparing an awesome game for the theme!


-Tyler F. (Leader, Music)

-Jason S. (Programming)

-Tyler W. (3D Modeling)

-Krista W. (Artwork)


More info on OGPC can be found here: http://www.ogpc.info/ Check it out!