[Ftcstudents] [Ftcparents] Snacks and Food for Saturday and Sunday's competition

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I will bring bagels and cream cheese at about noon time today. Should I bring anything else?


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Thanks to everyone for your help in coordinating snacks for Saturday and for Sunday’s competition.

Saira is bringing some fruit for Saturday and whatever is left, we’ll use on Sunday.  There are grapes leftover so they will be available on Saturday as well.

Liz is bringing a case of water.  It would be helpful for your student to bring a water bottle as well as sometimes folks take a sip from a generic bottle of water, leave it and it goes to waste.  If your child wants something other than water to drink, then they need to bring it with them.

Sue is bringing bagels and cream cheese.  Sue, if  those items are not for Saturday, it will work great for Sunday morning.

I will be ordering Subway subs enough for all the students/mentors for Sunday’s competition.  It will be in 3 sections…ham, roast beef and turkey plus chips and cookies.  If your child does not eat any of those items or has allegories to these items,  then they should bring a sack lunch. This meal is provided by the budget for the kids so no need for reimbursing from parents.

Thanks and good luck to our kids!!

Donna Feuerherdt

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