[Ftcstudents] Club Fair

Sarah Williams bluebearrock at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 01:14:05 EDT 2013

Hey guys,

Club Fair is next Wednesday. We need a few people to help with the FTC
robot. If you are interested, email me back ASAP so I know how many people
are interested. Thanks!

Nick B. and Ron J. if it is possible, we would like you there all of club
fair. If you can, then you need to get a pre-arranged absence form from Ms.
Hubbard and have your 2B teacher sign it.

Stephanie Hughes: Ms. Hubbard was telling me that you made/are making some
flyers for the club fair. If you want, I can take some of those and hand
them out during club fair. If that sounds good, or if you have any ideas,
let me know.

This is open to anyone. Email me or talk to Ms. Hubbard ASAP so we know
who's doing what. Ms. Hubbard should have the pre-arranged absence forms
soon. Please let me know if you can come or if you have any questions.
Thanks guys!

Sarah Williams
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