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Thanks for your patience as we try to place students on robotics teams. The
turn out was much larger than expected and we're trying to give everyone
who signed up a chance to participate.  At the moment, I'm short mentors
which means about 10 students would not get to participate on FTC.

If you or someone you know might want to mentor an FTC team and you did not
already sign up to do so, please let me know as soon as possible.  The time
commitment for FTC is Tues and Thurs 5-7PM and about 3-4 Saturday
afternoons as the competition approaches (January).


If you were placed on FRC, expect an email from me tonight. Please pay the
bookkeeper by next Wednesday to secure your spot and get on our team
roster. Your leadership team will determine your first meeting date and
will post it on Facebook/twitter/Google+.  If you don't follow us, you'll
be out of the loop!

If you signed up for FTC, expect an email from me by Sunday evening.  If I
have a spot for you, you'll need to pay the bookkeeper by our first meeting
which will be next Thursday, October from 5-7PM.

Ms Hubbard
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