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Hello all,

Remember we ARE NOT meeting on Saturday.
Please be at South Meadows Middle School on Sunday by 8AM.
Wear you shirts and bring food and snacks for yourself.

The schedule is below. Qualifying matches are from 11AM - ~3PM.
It'll be an exciting day!

See you all there,
Ms H

Tualatin High School Engineering and Computer Science Teacher

About Sunday, March 3rd
7:30 am – Doors open for Team Check in (if you checked in on Saturday- stop by and tell us you’re back)
7: 30 – 10:15 am Inspection Tables<http://www.ortop.org/Documents/FTC_2013_CT_RosterWithInspectionJudgeAssignments.pdf> Open   Inspection Advice<http://www.ortop.org/Documents/FTC_2013_CT_InspectionAdvice.pdf> (please click and read)
8:10 am – Team Meeting with Judge Advisor, Head Referee, FTA, Lead Inspector, FTC AP.
8:30 am – 10:15 – Panel Judging<http://www.ortop.org/Documents/FTC_2013_CT_JudgeAssignmentsByPanel.pdf> for teams who did not attend a private panel judge session on Saturday.
8:30 – 10:30 am – Floor Judging for all teams.  This is a Judging stop at your pit table to interview your team about a variety of topics related to the Connect and Motivate Awards (and of course those feed into the Inspire).  If your team is away from your table, the floor judge will stop by again. However, your initial floor interview should be completed by 10:30 am. Judges will go into 1st Round Deliberations immediately following the Opening Ceremony.
10:15 am – INSPECTION CLOSES – All team who have passed inspection by 10:15 am will be entered into the match schedule and the match schedule is run.
10:30 am – All teams should be seated in the gym for Opening Ceremonies. We will include Senior Team Member Recognition.
 11:00 am – ~3:15 pm  - Qualifying Matches Hopefully 1st Match will be included as part of the Opening Ceremony.
~3:15 – Presentation of the Promote Award video and Promote Award Presentation – Gym & Alliance Selection Meeting  - Pit Lobby where the Practice Field is
3:30 – Alliance Selection followed by Elimination Rounds followed by Awards Ceremony (~ 5:30 pm if we have no technical difficulties to slow us down. )
LOAD OUT: Still looking for more help and vehicles to help LOAD OUT and LOAD IN at ORTOP.  Can it be you???

Other Stuff:
We don’t have any catering/concessions. Sorry. So be prepared to bring in your own or send a parent up to TV HWY for take-out.
Please clean up after yourselves and use the recycling centers we’ll set up.  Remember we get to use the building for FREE, help keep it clean.

Thanks to #3531 and #4855 and PCM  – We will LIVE STREAM the Oregon FTC Championship starting at 10:30 am PST:  http://www.twitch.tv/OregonFTC
Yes, you can give that link to your friends and relatives everywhere.
There might be a separate team live stream for team interviews also.

Match updates
We will also attempt providing an IN-HOUSE  link to the Match Scores and Rankings- in real time.  More on that on Sunday.

Social Media: Remember your gracious professionalism and common sense when posting on social media. Count to 10 and breathe and think before posting if necessary.  Let’s keep it positive!  I will be monitoring it as best as possible.
Twitter: If you tweet use the #ORFTC and send it up to FTC HQ  @ftcteams  (#AKFTC if you want the Alaska FTC Champ to know how awesome we are :) or wish them luck )
Facebook: You can post pictures and status updates to our Facebook page<https://www.facebook.com/pages/ORTOP-FIRST-Tech-Challenge/104832021670?ref=hl>.

How excited are we? AwesomeSauce!   BEST CHAMPIONSHIP EVER!!!!

--Cathy Swider

Cathy Swider
Project Administrator
Industry Partnerships, Oregon University System
Oregon Robotics Tournament & Outreach Program - www.ortop.org
FIRST LEGO League, Operational Partner, Oregon / FIRST Tech Challenge, Affiliate Partner, Oregon
Jr.FIRST LEGO League - FIRST LEGO League - FIRST Tech Challenge
503.725.2920 VM / 503.725-2921 Fax

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