[Ftcstudents] T-shirts

Sarah Williams bluebearrock at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 20:06:13 EST 2013

Hey guys,

We are ordering a new design and color for our t-shirts, so everyone will
have to get a new one. Bellow is the link for is order form for everyone's
t-shirt size. Please verify that your size is right and you are on the
list. If your information is not correct, please email me with the correct
size. Also, we are offering pullover hoodie's if desired. They are
completely optional, you don't have to get one if you don't want it. We
need to order the t-shirts ASAP, so please email me with what you want. We
need this done within 3 days. Please get it done as soon as you can. If you
want a hoodie, they are $25.00. Shirts are free. Please let me know if you
name on the list, this includes mentors.


My email is bluebearrock at gmail.com
Please tell me your name, tshirt size if it is incorrect, and hoodie size
if you want one.

Sarah Williams
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