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Jason was correct, there is another file that needs to be copied to the
thumb drive.


C:\Program Files\Samantha Field Control System\Samantha\Samantha.hex


Also, I told Lyubo working on the router setup to set the router to Network
Mode "Wireless-G Only".  It turns out that Samantha only works on


Wireless security should be WPA2 Personal with password, then reboot router.


Run the Samantha Network Setup program like before and key in the name of
the router (network),

Pick WPA2-PSK and AES


Network key is the password you set when setting up the WPA2 on the router.


Then flash Samantha like before.


Sorry, I didn't know that Samantha was "B" only and I forgot all about that
Samantha.hex file.


We should be able to get it all working in 15 minutes or less tomorrow.


See you then!


For your engineering notebook, write this link down!




Dan Williams

Portland, OR USA


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