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Dan Williams wondersaboutnumbers at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 22:34:33 EDT 2012

If you are new to programming with RobotC, check out these links.


Main page: http://www.robotc.net/wiki/Main_Page 


TETRIX page:  http://www.robotc.net/wiki/TETRIX 


I'd like to see some of the team members who are interested in programming
to start looking into designing some programs that concentrate on specific
tasks, such as:


.         Autonomous mode - each team should have several programs to choose

o   Work on creating functions to do certain "behaviors" that you can
"string" together by changing data, rather than your code.  This is more
difficult than it sounds, so start out simple.

.         Code to control driving the robot via the game controller

o   Code to move quickly

o   Code to move precisely as possible

o   Don't forget about creating a "dead zone" for the controller

.         Code to control arm mechanisms via the same or different game

.         Code to use a sensor to position the robot via the stripes on the
game floor

.         Code to use a sensor to position the robot via the beacon on one
of the rack's pegs

.         Code to use a sensor to determine the weight of an object


If you can solve some of the coding challenges here, then you can combine
them into a larger program that you may want to use for the competition(s). 


And don't forget to check out what others are doing.  Maybe you will find
something on this link that might inspire you.




Keep an eye on the game controller in the upper left corner as you watch the
robot move.


Dan Williams

Portland, OR USA


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