[Ftcstudents] Tualatin Robotics Balloon Update Oct 14, 2012

Hubbard, Jill jhubbard at ttsd.k12.or.us
Sun Oct 14 20:26:53 EDT 2012

An update from our team captain, Matthias Weislogel.

Team Baller Sauce (Eric Goessens, Mark Babich, and Matthias Weislogel) have safely returned home with full bellies and high spirits. Although the balloon may not be found we have a very high chance of finding it in the coming week or so. Next weekend we may look to head out again for a few more sweeps of the assumed regions.

We also made good friends with the neighboring farmers and recruited them to
 aid in our quest. We briefed them on likely landing spots, and they told us they would contact us if anything came up. We are currently in progress of sending the Condon Times a full report of our overall project, including the variations of package appearance, the last elevation, ground speed, drop rate, and last known position. We also will provide them with the areas that have been covered by our ground teams on both Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th. This way the residents will know where to search as well as what it may look like.

We are still dumbfounded by the Backup GPS and Dog Tracker malfunctions. When we find it we will be able to piece together the mystery. The backup Felix GPS has a battery life of 3.5 years and will send out a packet of information every 17 minutes. We just need to hope that it will line up perfectly with a satellite so we can get a the exact coordinates of its position. Here is a bonus homework assignment to keep you nerds busy. Find out how many packets the Felix GPS will send in 7 days. After you figure that out hotshot, you can calculate the total number of packets it will send in 3.5 years. Yah that's right we've got a pretty darn good chance of eventually finding this.

Keep your heads high!
-Matthias Weislogel

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Tualatin High School Engineering and Computer Science Teacher
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