[Ftcstudents] Don't blow out any more motors

Hubbard, Jill jhubbard at ttsd.k12.or.us
Mon Jan 30 20:26:42 EST 2012

Hi FTC teams,

Bob Dexter wants to make sure we don't blow another motor out tomorrow night.

He'd like you to test the motor under no load (without the arm attached) to see if there is a sw or hardware problem (see below). We have no time to get any new motors so proceed with caution and with the help of mentors before you burn out motors while testing arm designs.

Ms H

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> From: Robert Dexter [rdexter at integrity.com]
> Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2012 5:07 PM
> To: Hubbard, Jill
> Subject: Re: Tuesday's meeting
> Jill,
> Under no load, it should be clear that the motor does or does not run.
> So far we have two motors that run fine in one direction but not in the
> other. The possibility is that once the motor is installed, it gets
> ruined by overworking it. So just to be sure, the new motor should be
> tested by itself.
> If the motor runs fine in both directions, then it is a design flaw that
> should be tossed.
> I am thinking that the current design of the upper arm just will not cut
> it. I tried to do some internet searching this morning, but could not
> find much help there. I am thinking that some sort of linkage that is
> connected in front of the joint may be better. The kids should certainly
> experiment. I hope one of the mentors like Mike can work with them.
> Saturday is going to be full. My church has a men's breakfast every two
> weeks fro 7 to 8:30. It is my time to help cook. I will see if I can get
> someone else to switch with me.
> Then my wife had made reservations for a one night stay at Scamania
> (sp?) Lodge afterwards. So I will be taking off as soon as we are done.
> Cheers,
> Bob
> On 1/29/2012 8:54 AM, Hubbard, Jill wrote:
>> OK Will do.  With no load, will they start to smell something burning if the problem is the program or will it be immediately visually obvious?
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>> From: Robert Dexter [rdexter at integrity.com]
>> Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2012 7:49 AM
>> To: Hubbard, Jill
>> Subject: Tuesday's meeting
>> Jill,
>> It may appear that our upper arm burns out motors. If that is the case,
>> catch the team before they put yet another motor on the arm. Tell then
>> first to connect another motor to the wire, and hold it in their hand to
>> test the motor control program. If the motor cannot be controlled in
>> both directions when there is no load, then the problem is in the
>> program. If the motor works fine in both directions, then we need to
>> rethink the upper arm. Don't let them burn out another motor.
>> Bob

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