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Subject: [Ortopftc] Heads up on inspection procedures

Dear FTC Coaches and Team Members,

As you know, your robot must pass inspection before it will be allowed
to participate at an FTC Tournament.   The inspectors will be using
detailed check lists that cover all the rules that apply to your robot.
I'd like to take this opportunity to bring up a few things that have
tripped up teams in the past.

(a) Materials: We will be enforcing the rule that you must start with
the raw materials and simple parts listed in Rule R02 d with the
exception of LEGO, Tetrix, Matrix and the Commercial Off The Shelf
(COTS) parts listed in Rule R05. This means that the materials must not
have been fabricated when you purchased them unless they are on the COTS
list.  When it comes to raw materials, think flat plastic or flat metal
rather than things made of plastic or metal.

(b) Size: Make sure your robot will fit in an 18-inch by 18-inch by
18-inch cube without the cube compressing it to smaller than its natural
size.  Touching the cube is allowed but the robot should not expand even
a little bit when the cube is removed.

(c) If there gears anywhere near the outside of your robot they should
be protected by legal material that creates a barrier to fingers in the
areas where the gears mesh.  You should assure that your robot has
places to pick it up that can be easily reached and that are away from
gears and pinch points.  Your main power switch should be visible and
easily reachable by you, referees and others and marked by a Main Robot
Power label.

(d) Tie things down. Loose wires should be tied down so they don't
protrude from the robot.

(e) Parts and materials:  Make sure all your parts and materials except
Tetrix, LEGO, and Matrix parts are on your BILL OF MATERIALS. Bring your
bill of materials to inspection.

(f) Shooting limits:  If your robot can launch blocks, there should be
no way that it can launch one farther than 10 feet and higher than 4 feet.

(g) Team numbers. Your team number must be visible from TWO OPPOSITE
sides of your robot.

(h) Your robot must have a flag holder that meets the guidelines in your

(i)  Software / Samantha:
         (1) you should pre-load the Samostat program onto your NXT so
that it available to use for troubleshooting at the Qualifier.
         (2) Your teleop program must use a current template to ensure
that it can be controlled by the field control software. You should test
this in advance.   You should use the program chooser to establish which
teleop program will be used during your competition rounds.
        (3) If you have a autonomous program it must conform to the
current autonomous mode template to ensure the field control software
can start and stop it.  You should test this in advance.

...Bruce, Statewide Lead Inspector

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