[Ftcleads] READ THIS! team party thank you's on Friday

Jill Hubbard jill at jillhubbard.com
Wed Feb 5 18:33:31 EST 2014

Hi FTC Leads,

For Friday's party, please prepare something to say about your team
mentor(s). We'll have you and your mentor(s) in front of the room so don't
wing it.  If your dad was a mentor, we'd like you to thank them as well.
Assignments are highlighted below.

Remember that these people spent a lot of their free time to work with you.
Please return the favor and thank them appropriately.  Feel free to include
other team members too.

*Please reply to this email so I know you're good to go!*

Here are some prompts that you can use:

Thank you _________ for (fill in things that you're thankful for like
buying parts, coming prepared, thinking through what needed to get done,
figuring out design strategies, personality, .....

One thing I really remember about this season was .......

You taught me ...........

A few things I appreciate about you are........

If the mentor is your dad, think about things you appreciate about him.

*Here are the assignments:*

   - *Jacob & Haley:  You'll talk about Jeff Rott*
   - *Stephanie: You'll talk about Mike Wells and Dan Williams. Maybe
   recruit Kaito or Lorenzo to help for Dan.*
   - *Nick B:  You'll talk about your dad*
   - *Nick B & Josh:  You'll talk about Dave*
   - *Evelynne & Ashley: You'll talk about Scott*

*Jill Hubbard*
*South Metro - Salem STEM Network Director*
*Engineering and Computer Science Teacher, Tualatin High School*
*Cell Phone: (503)319-9931*
*http://www.jillhubbard.com <http://www.jillhubbard.com>*
* <http://www.linkedin.com/in/jillhubbard>
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