[Ftcleads] Access to FTC Calendar & Team Names

Jill Hubbard jill at jillhubbard.com
Fri Nov 15 01:24:49 EST 2013

Hello team captains,

I've given you access to the FTC google calendar so you can ad events. I
added your Saturday meetings to it.  Please take a look at all the dates as
well as your competition dates.

Also, remind your team members to come up with team names. You can email
the all FTC students using: ftcstudents at tualatinrobotics.com.  You can
email all FTC mentors using: ftcmentors at tualatinrobotics.com. Also
encourage them, along with you,  to look online for FTC lift mechanisms.

You can create your own google calendar for your teams project schedule and
share it with your team. You have everyone's email address in Google Drive.

Nice job tonight :) Let me know if I can help.  I didn't get a chance to
check out engineering notebooks. Did you get one set up?

Ms Hubbard
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