[Ftcleads] Lead Meeting

Jill Hubbard jill at jillhubbard.com
Thu Nov 14 00:25:18 EST 2013


First, congratulations on your team lead positions.  You were all chosen
because your mentors and I recognize your abilities, diligence, and
commitment to your team.

As team leads, you'll need to plan for what you'd like your team to
accomplish during tomorrow's meeting.  To get you started, please plan to
attend a team lead meeting at 4PM in my room.  Here are some thing we'll
Creating a team roster with email and cell #'s on the drive
Keeping track of your kit of parts
Build schedule
Engineering notebook for your team
Team makeup (well balanced) and  assigning jobs to your team
Assigning mentors to each team

See you then,
Ms Hubbard
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