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Thank you.  I think Maggie told you she will miss tonight as they have dress
rehearsal at PCC.  She will be at Robotics on the 19th.


I believe this Nutcracker will be the last one.  She has 7 shows and it's


I don't think I have a good feel for when the competition heats up and then
when the team starts to wind down.  If I went on the calendar on the website
for last year, would it give me a general idea?




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Thanks for the email.  We'll excuse Maggie from the remaining Saturday
meetings in December.




Tualatin High School Engineering and Computer Science Teacher


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Good Morning,

I wanted to touch base with you regarding Maggie.  She is performing in her
ballet school's performance of Nutcracker.  She has performances on Sat Dec.
14th and 21st so she will be unable to attend the Robotics team meetings on
Saturday.  I think she has told her team but thought I should connect with
you as well.  At the first parent meeting, I thought the Saturday meetings
didn't start until January.  Sorry about the absences.


She won't have any conflicts beginning in January.


Thanks for all your work.  Maggie is really enjoying being on the team.


Donna Feuerherdt

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