[Frcstudents] Meeting Times and Kick-Off

Loen, D 16loend at ttsdstudents.org
Fri Jan 1 18:34:32 EST 2016

Hello everybody,

This is our last week of pre-season meetings before kick-off. We will be
meeting Tuesday and Thursday at TTOA from 5-7. Kick-off is Saturday,
January 9th, at the University of Portland, address below. It runs from
6:15-9 AM. Yes, it is early but please try to arrive by 6:15, preferably in
Tualatin Robotics apparel. Afterwards, we will go straight to TTOA to begin
the season. This will mostly consist of strategic discussion, and will run
until early evening. It is important that we are focused and ready to
strategize from the very beginning, we only have 6 weeks! During the
season, our tentative schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-7, and Saturdays
starting from 9 or 10 in the morning, until early evening. We stay as long
as we are being productive. Also, students, make sure you have registered
through STIMs.

For students: You will be given a permission form to ensure you have
transportation to and from kick-off to be signed by a parent/guardian.

Kick-off location:
Beauchamp Recreation & Wellness Center  ****NEW LOCATION ****
6501-6547 N Portsmouth Ave, Portland, OR 97203

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

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