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Kevin Jones kevjnz at gmail.com
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Mark French,  (let us know if this works when you get it)
this is mainly for you since you will be in the coordinator role.
Jorge sent this to me, and I'm adding parts, comments and another tab for
machining jobs.

All,  Mark French will be managing this, and as we go forward he will
inform us how to add to it.


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Jorge Reyes <jorge10980 at gmail.com> has invited you to *edit* the following
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Robotics Parts Sheet
This is the parts form we are using for robotics. Use this form to list
down parts that need to be ordered but talk to Noelle or Jorge first. If
you don't have a google account, you can use this link:

Open in Sheets
Google Sheets: Create and edit spreadsheets online.[image: Logo for Google
Sheets] <https://drive.google.com>
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