[Frcstudents] FRC Game Teaser

French, M 16frenchm at ttsdstudents.org
Tue Dec 29 16:34:16 EST 2015

Hey all,

To students who attended today's meeting, great job with the ping pong ball
competition, I saw a lot of coopertition as well as learning!

To students and mentors who were not able to attend today's meeting, we
went over the official FRC Game Teaser for this upcoming season. This
year's game is called FRC Stronghold. The video can be found here:


This is what we know about this year's competition:

-Bumpers have been confirmed

This is what we could divulge from the teaser:

-Capture the Flag or King of the Hill

See what you can find in the video!

Happy Holidays,

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