[Frcstudents] First meeting!

French, M 16frenchm at ttsdstudents.org
Mon Dec 14 20:45:31 EST 2015

Hello everyone, this is Capt. Mark French! I am pleased to announce that
our first FRC meeting of the season will be this *Thursday, December 17th
from 5pm-7pm!* We will be welcoming new members, talking about what's to
come, playing rock paper scissors to see who is the safety captain this
year, etc. If you are unable to attend, please let I or Capt. Davis Loen
know ahead of time.

This current email list is not updated, so if you know anyone who is
interested in joining the FRC Team, please spread the word and invite them
to this meeting!

Looking forward to winning Worlds,

Mark French
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