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Ellingson, David dellingson at ttsd.k12.or.us
Thu Apr 2 17:06:30 EDT 2015

Tuesday and Thursday of next week we need to meet at TTOA 5:00 – 7:00pm.

We will be cleaning and organizing with the intent of putting the shop into “storage” mode. Everyone will be in the shop part, only the marketing team will be in on the computers.

Leads – please make sure that we have checklists for items (code uploaded, needs to purchase for next season, etc.)

This year’s robot will NOT be disassembled, destroyed, raided, parted out, etc. It is absolutely needed for community outreach. We need to see if we can set up another laptop to use for driving it. We also need to see about getting another 2 joysticks (one for driving this year’s bot and two for next year [main/backup]).

I will also be getting information out on the end-of-season celebration and recognition.

David J. Ellingson
Technology / Engineering / Mathematics
FRC Robotics Coach
Tualatin High School

(503) 431-5699
dellingson at ttsd.k12.or.us

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