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Thanks Ananda,  You've just gotta love the marketing perspective.  Keep
that vision up high!!
I'll spend some time thinking about the points you communicated.

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 4:36 PM, Ananda Arasu <ananda.arasu at gmail.com>

> Hey guys,
> I won't be able to be there but wanted to share some thoughts.
> - Rethink our strategy.  Think about what we can do to the robot whether
> it is to create some kind of built in ramp, a piston attached to the lower
> C to raise a second Tote with the base in place as a guide, intake wheels
> .. whatever.
> - Autonomous grabbing the bin, then spin around and head towards landfill
> totes and stop.  Possible?
> - Let's not, whatever we do, factor the pvc ramp as a strategy.  That is
> just too unpredictable, with one error, or tip of the ramp, and that feeder
> station is hosed, as are we for that match
> -  Strongly encourage looking at landfill and avoiding feeder station.
> Too many variables and dependencies, with needing to move the tote in place
> as a ramp etc.  Plus, the side we are usually on (right) seems to give us
> limited mobility, and we have to able to move freely back and forth to load
> our totes.
> - Teamwork.  We need to have scouts talking to other teams, regardless of
> whether we are going to be placed top 8 or not.  We also need to have
> anyone not working on the bot during competition, in the stands actually *watching
> matches.*  Making note of strategy of other teams, strengths etc, so if
> our team needs info on how some other teams are doing, they can get it from
> their teammates.  Robot may be built well, but it's only watching teams in
> action where we can see how well they drive, cooperate, help etc.
> Be Strong - let's *focus *our efforts on Philomath.  Many teams we faced
> before won't be there, as Wilsonville was their second match.  Let's get a
> good strategy going, and go kick some butt!
> Sorry for the long email ... just wanted to share my thoughts.
> ​Ananda​
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