[Frcmentors] Regionals

Ananda Arasu ananda.arasu at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 20:50:48 EST 2015

I can't attend the meeting tomorrow, so decided to send you guys a note,and let the team know, if they don't already. 
Was talking to a coworker who is usually a ref. He told me that the way they do the PNW District Championship is changing this year.  It's rotating between cities, and this year, it's at Eastern Washington University, which is in Cheney, WA, near Spokane. There isn't going to be a regional at our Memorial Coliseum. So, if we qualify after districts, that's where we will be competing. I believe we need to strive for qualification, however, we will have to think about time and cost as well to make the trip. There will have to be overnight stays I would think. 

I'll be there on Saturday and us in marketing will start looking at funds etc. for this. 



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