[Frcmentors] Requirements are absolutely essential!

Kevin Jones kevjnz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 22:11:10 EST 2015

Jorge, and mentors,
I want to suggest to Jorge that he spend some time between now and
tomorrow's meeting listing the requirements for the lift and gripper.  It
might be useful to either print them out (think handouts) or be ready to
present them in a slide show.  As Mike has pointed out this will be a good
starting point to guide the work as we proceed in the design process.

Jorge, a few of the parameters to include are lift distance, robot
footprint dimensions, weight to be lifted.  How much extra travel do you
want to allow for in each moving mechanism?
Keep in mind that all of these numbers are still flexible, but I think you
will help move things more quickly down the right path if you will at least
get a good list going right away.

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