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Is there another meeting this week, or was the meeting today it?

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> Hey all,
> To students who attended today's meeting, great job with the ping pong
> ball competition, I saw a lot of coopertition as well as learning!
> To students and mentors who were not able to attend today's meeting, we
> went over the official FRC Game Teaser for this upcoming season. This
> year's game is called FRC Stronghold. The video can be found here:
> https://youtu.be/FVLdJdoKK2E
> This is what we know about this year's competition:
> -Bumpers have been confirmed
> This is what we could divulge from the teaser:
> -Capture the Flag or King of the Hill
> -Offense/Defense
> -Coopertition
> See what you can find in the video!
> Happy Holidays,
> Mark
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