[Frcleads] Boulder Launcher

Loen, D 16loend at ttsdstudents.org
Sun Jan 10 16:50:04 EST 2016

Hey everybody,

I was giving some thought to the boulder launcher, and I think that a good
compact mechanism would be one similar to team 4488's in 2014. It can be
found in the link below. This design includes a arm that reaches over the
boulder and intakes it into the chassis before being launched out the other
side. This launching mechanism would likely be a surgical tubing powered
catapult. Also, there is reflective tape on the high goal, which would be
very useful to be able to track to ensure the highest accuracy possible.

We will discuss this further next week.


Shockwaves 2014 design <https://youtu.be/tEhQnKbRz-0>
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