MarketingGroupOur marketing team performs fundraising, community outreach, and community relations activities. Each year we raise between 20-25 thousand dollars from our community sponsors. Last year we visited lower socio-economic elementary schools in the Portland and Tigard school districts to share our knowledge of robotics with younger students. We also volunteer at FLL tournaments each year to support the FIRST program. We create monthly newsletters that are distributed to all of our sponsors to keep them informed of our teams progress. We also create brochures and buttons for our regional competition. This year we’re developing a brand new website in hopes of winning the website award.

Our goals for this year are to create a positive team environment, grow our team to include more under-represented students, compete in the local bunny-bot competition, create an all girls FTC team, and reach the semi-finals, or further, in the Autodesk regional competition. In order to reach these goals we are working on team building activities and actively recruiting a diverse student population. We have raised enough funds to cover the cost of our FIRST robotics competition team, but need additional funds to cover the cost of our all girls FTC team. We have a well seasoned team who are working together with our newer team members to create two robots for the bunny-bot competition. We have recruited ten mentors to work with our students and help in the design process.

Team Goals

  • Raise $20,000-25,000
  • Reach FRC Nationals
  • Reach out to the community
  • Win the website award
  • Submit a chairman video for the award

Our team motto is Design. Build. Compete. Win! We value the importance of learning how to communicate effectively as a team and are spending a good amount of time this year setting up a team process and structure. While we aim to win, we know it is important to help other teams reach their goals just as they have helped our team. We work to involve the community by attending community festivals, visiting area schools, and volunteering at community events. We value our community sponsors and hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future.

Marketing Team Members

  • Katlyn S.
  • Jack M.
  • Chandler W.
  • Derrick S.
  • Brooklyn W.
  • Torri R.
  • Nate D.

If you would like to contact our marketing team, please email here.